Patient deserves
to be cared about

Treatment Procedures

Pulse Oximeters

Doctor's Panel

Intensive Care Unit


The patients who are critically ill require constant monitoring as they may suffer from organ failure. They need sophisticated and highly specified unit which should be equipped with multifarious machines staffed by skilled and dedicated professionals and managed by very caring people who value life.


The ICCU unit of Nikam-Parmar hospital is Equipped with latest life support equipment such as the Ventilator and monitoring equipment, Pulse Oximeters, EEG, 2-D Echo machines Here we also having advance surgical care facility for critically ill patients. All our Nurses in ICCU are specially trained to handle critically ill patients .We always make ourselves available to the family members of patients we understand that their involvement would be great emotional support for their speedy recovery. We Know that patient are to be Cared about..

Services/Treatments Offered

  • ICU is fumigated once in every 2 months.
  • Total nutritional support
  • 24 hour emergency services
  • Bed side central Oxygen, Vacuum Suction, Compressed Air supply
  • Inhouse Hemodialysis Unit
We dont conduct sex determination test We are available for 24hrs...running day night.


Comply with policies; protocols and procedures of ICU when you .
are there to see your loved ones.

Compassion, encouragement and smile.. that is what you can .
give to a Patient in ICU..