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In Nikam-Parmar hospital a new block has been added which house the various OutPatient Departments where the patients are attended after issuing a OPD ticket which they can obtain at any working days.


A very amiable atmosphere and supportive staff members sees the patient when they come to our OPD section. OPDs have waiting hall with chairs, call booth, lifts, ramp for Ortho OPD, public utilities like drinking water & toilets etc. Patients are seen first come first serve basis but priority would be given in case if patient is very old or he/she is seriously ill.

Services/Treatments Offered In OPD

  • minor Surgical intervention and endoscopy
  • injection and immunization
  • ECG,Plaster
  • MTP service

Certain test are done free of charge while other investigation may cost you according to prevailing norms. Money should be deposited only at designated counter of hospital and must ask for proper receipts.

We dont conduct sex determination test We are available for 24hrs...running day night.

Using advance technology to diagnose and treat the most challenging humanoid Diseases.

The more serious the illness, the more important it is for you to fight back, mobilizing all your resources-spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical.